Think before you code.

ML for Predicting Incapacitated Patients’ Treatment Preferences

Lecture on the Use of Machine Learning for Predicting Incapacitated Patients’ Treatment Preferences (November 30, 2019, Munich) Patients’ values and treatment preferences must be observed even if a patient is incapacitated. The corresponding measures provided by German civil law are, however, unsatisfactory: Most notably, surrogates predict patients’ treatment preferences only slightly better than chance. The…
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ThinkTech: Open Doors

December 4th, 7pm in Room 4905, TU Munich Main Campus. ConsciousCoders is now ThinkTech. But what does it mean? What do they do? And how can I join? If you’re interested in discussing challenging questions regarding data and ethics in health, democracy and other key areas – hop by our open doors event.

“AI: Trust as a Challenge of the Digital Age” – ConsiousCoders at the UN in Geneva

A delegation of ConsciousCoders hosted a side event at the Group of Governmental Experts on Emerging Technologies in the Area of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems at the United Nations in Geneva. Our contribution to the GGE 2019 deals with the topic of ‘Trust in the digital age’ and aims to highlight various facets of trust…
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