Algorithmic Prediction

Think before you code.

What are we working on?


Predicting insurance risks and health-care costs from patient information? Can dynamic pricing be made possible by predicting consumer intentions and interests? Preventing crime by predictive policing and determining the sentence of an offender by predicting the risk of re-offending? Algorithmic prediction is not science fiction anymore, but something we may encounter in everyday life.

Often unnoticed, it entails significant social and economic changes – and the field for applications of this technology is growing. And though it comes along with many benefits, we nonetheless have to balance potential risks against these advantages.

We, the Algorithmic Prediction Team of ConsciousCoders, will, therefore, take a more in-depth look at some of the most relevant and urgent questions in this regard.

You have worked with algorithmic prediction software or know someone in this area, be it from industry, science or politics?