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ML for Predicting Incapacitated Patients’ Treatment Preferences

Lecture on the Use of Machine Learning for Predicting Incapacitated Patients’ Treatment Preferences (November 30, 2019, Munich) Patients’ values and treatment preferences must be observed even if a patient is[…]

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ThinkTech: Open Doors

December 4th, 7pm in Room 4905, TU Munich Main Campus. ConsciousCoders is now ThinkTech. But what does it mean? What do they do? And how can I join? If you’re[…]

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Featured by the BR2 Radio Show Zündfunk

Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) invited us to make an interview on responsible development and challenges of “AI systems” in its radio show Zündfunk. The recording of the interview (in German) with[…]

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Topic Groups

ConsciousCoders is designed as an open Think Tank. A platform to work on topics regarding the impact of AI and digital technologies on our society and to present their findings to the community.

Here you find our current Topic Groups.
Digital Democracy

“We propose a research project that aims at finding solutions that enhance a pluralistic discourse within digital space”


“We try to explore both negative and positive aspects of possible future scenarios for the environment”


“How can we translate concepts of fairness and non-discrimination into formulations that machines can understand”


“Digitization is a major factor for increasing quality and efficiency in the healthcare sector.”



In our workshops students and young professionals identify current challenges and explore solution approaches in a hands-on manner.

The workshops include preparation, inspiring keynote speeches and thematic deep dives in working groups.

To include the interested public into the discussion, the our community publishes their findings in the cc magazine.

Experts, critics and others will have the chance to share their thoughts on controversial topics.

Our Topic Groups present their work to the public and external experts give insights into their field.

We want to foster discussion and interaction of developers as experts of the technology with decision-makers and the interested society.

Our aim is to offer our community insights to our work, overviews on current technology and controversial aspects we believe should be considered.

The blog also offers a way to express personal opinions for the community of ConsciousCoders.

Our Mission is…

to foster discussion and interaction between developers as experts of digital technology with decision-makers and the interested society. to scientifically address chances und challenges concerning artificial intelligence. to provide an open platform for working on ideas and projects in interdisciplinary teams.

Our Vision is…

a beneficial and sustainable use of digital technologies for the society and the environment. a profound understanding of emerging technologies throughout the whole society. critical developers who review their work against ethical questions and are aware of their responsibility.

Our Values are…

to provide a honest and inclusive culture always open for new ideas and opinions collaborative and output-oriented work with high quality economic independence and political, religious and ideological neutrality

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Louis Longin


LMU Munich

Michel Hohendanner

Advanced Design

Hochschule München

Annabelle Bockwoldt

Media Informatics Technology Management

LMU, TU Munich, CDTM

Teodora Pandeva

Data Science

LMU Munich

Julius Morandell

Politics & Technology

TU Munich

Julia Pfeiffer

Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

TU Munich

Gunnar König

Data Science

LMU Munich

Eva Mayer

Computer Science

TU Munich

Robert Walter

Mechanical Engineering,Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence

TU Munich

Chiara Ullstein

Politics & Technology

TU Munich

Alexander Ladwein

Electrical and Computer Engineering

TU Munich

Lukas Pöhler

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Politics & Technology

TU Munich

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